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Coercive Notions

(We're breaking through)

Coercive Notions - a Muse Pic Daily Community
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(i am on to you)
Coercive Notions exists to provide you lovely LiveJournal users with daily pictures of, or pertaining to, the band Muse. Hopefully we will brighten up your f-lists, or at least make them a little more Pwoper. Or something.

Membership is open, all Muse fans are welcome here, slashers, Twilight fans, new Musers, not-so-new Musers... it's all good. No flaming or wank here, we're a friendly group. :) Come one, come all. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me.

May Muse be with you.

Guidelines, which sound more serious than they actually are:

1. One picture per day will be posted, except for special occasions.
2. Posting will rotate between members who wish to contribute. During their week they are free to post the pictures they prefer, no matter what member, era, etc. This comm is about individual freedom to share the things each member happens to love about the band, after all. :) To sign up, keep an eye out for the monthly sign-up posts.
3. Paparazzi pics are not allowed, neither are private pics of the band's family members. Basically, if it can be construed as an invasion of privacy, don't post it.
4. Be sure to use the tags provided when posting, and if you have a suggestion for a new tag feel free to let me know.
5. If the image you wish to post is particularly large, put it behind a cut or post a thumbnail.

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